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Welcome to the nomen project. nomen provides classes and interfaces for working with names of all varieties.

In nomen’s world, a Name binds a Named with a NameValue and indexes it under a NameType.

So a NameType of firstName might serve to index a NameValue of Bill in the context of a Named who is a person. That person might also have a lastName-indexed NameValue of Gates.

NameValues may be templates. The Named in our example above might have, for example, a NameValue of ${firstName} ${lastName} that is indexed under a NameType of fullName. When this particular Name is evaluated, it would yield the String value of Bill Gates.

NameValues are designed to be shared, or not. Jr. might be an example of a NameValue that could be shared among many Nameds; an organization might decide that its spelling should be normalized for all Nameds to Junior instead.

API Documentation

The API is fully documented. Please see the API documentation to get started.