MicroBean Launcher

The MicroBean Launcher project enables the composition of a CDI application by (a) providing a main method and (b) supporting an effective classpath consisting of Maven-style artifact coordinates.

Given such an environment, a CDI application can be composed out of its Maven-repository-addressable constituent parts by simply specifying them on the command line.

Command Line

To run a CDI SE application from the command line, ensure that this project and its runtime dependencies are present on your classpath, and then type:

java org.microbean.launcher.main.Main --artifact-path com.foobar:foobar-frobnicator:1.0 com.bizbaw:bizbaw-caturgiator:2.0

…where com.foobar and com.bizbaw are Maven-style group identifiers, and foobar-frobnicator and bizbaw-caturgiator are Maven-style artifact identifiers, and 1.0 and 2.0 are Maven-style version identifiers.

The end result will be that these dependencies will be resolved to the local filesystem using the Maven Artifact Resolver componentry, and their local filesystem representations will be assembled into a classpath.

Obviously, if the artifacts in question already exist in the local Maven repository, then no resolution will take place.

Once the classpath has been thus established, the MicroBean Main project’s Main class’ main method will be invoked with that classpath.